On the next page, you will learn how to build loyalty. Learn how to stay relevant and attract the right customer. Learn how to protect your business against cash flow shortage. Learn how to create a system that works for you. Learn how to create a new category and own first position in the mind of a customer. Learn how to build your financial team and much more. Are your ready to get started? Choose the plan below that best fit your vision.

Active Customer Reviews

"After reading The Formula, it's like the scientific periodic table for business helping you resolve your business chemistry imbalances."Roger Jones, Lousiana. Would you refer to a friend? Yes. Rating: Excellent.

"This resource is a must." Shari Walls, Huntington Beach, California. Would I refer to a friend: Yes. Rating: Excellent.

"I followed the advice Rickey Johnson gave me about paying off my car. Instead of 1 year, I just paid it more car payments." Karl Salter, California. Would you refer to a friend? Yes. Rating: Very Relevant.

"In his talk to students here at Mt. San Antonio College, Rickey simplified investment strategies, making them easy to understand and simple to envision in their applications. He makes his listeners want to begin applying the concept immediately." Bob Farris Professor of Business Management at Mt. San Antonio College Walnut, CA

"Before Rickey Johnson, I had no plans on how to grow my business, now I have a sound, day-to-day mechanism working." Dr. Bruce Riley, Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist Long Beach, CA

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